Thursday, September 8, 2011

Phoenix Rising

         I have always loved the symbol of the phoenix: a being that is continually reborn from it’s own ashes.  This symbol of rebirth and renewal has meant many things to many people.  To me, the phoenix is a symbol of the power each one of us has within to transform ourselves while always keeping the essence of ourselves. 

         I have been feeling a force within myself as of late – as if the parts of me that have been out of sync are coming together in harmonious way. It is both of feeling like a strong pull from within as well as a feeling like things are ever so gently falling into place.  I feel a need to change the way that I am living in some ways, yet I am also keenly aware of the wonderful feelings certain ways I am already living are bringing me joy.  It is a very exciting time.

         My inspiration for transformation is twofold: I want to be a better parent and I want to be a better person. These two things, of course, are inextricably intertwined.  In striving to be a better citizen of the world, one becomes a better parent by setting an example for her children. By becoming a better parent, one gives the world a gift: children who are also good citizens of the world, and grow up to be good parents themselves.

        What I am searching for in this life is what we all want: inner peace.  That is what this blog is really about, at its core.

I am reminded of a favorite quote of mine by an unknown person:

Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard      work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

For many of us with small chiIdren, it may seem nearly impossible to be at peace. Between middle of the night wakings, temper tantrums, never-ending laundry, dishes, and toys on the floor, not to mention the responsibilities if one works outside the home, how does a parent keep calm in her heart?  I think the answer lies in the way we live our lives: that is, that the way we live our lives must be in sync with our values.

The first step to inner peace then, is to identify our values. What is it that is truly important to us? What are the things that we cannot live without?  What can we live without? What would we be much better off without?  Once we answer this question, the countless parenting decisions we are faced with each day become much more simple.  That does not mean we completely eliminate stress, uncertainty, or heartache. However, we reduce it, we make it manageable, we find peace amidst chaos.

I started this blog for two reasons. One is that I want to share this journey, especially with the people I love. Second, I have always found that when I put my ideas and thoughts into words, I understand them better myself. And I have always been better at putting thoughts on paper than I have been at verbalizing them.

So, I invite you to follow me as I learn as much as I can about the nature of children, all aspects of parenting, simple and authentic living, ecological responsibility, and anything else I come across in my studies and my experience. And I invite your thoughts, opinions, and inspirations, for you are to be a part of my personal journey.

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