Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eco-friendly toy of the day: Vintage wood block puzzle

I suppose the ultimate green toy is a used toy.  Vintage - even better. One that you have fond memories of as a child - quite possibly irresistible. I came across a Melissa and Doug wooden block puzzle on Amazon and was immediately reminded of one that my grandparents had at their house when I was a child. I played with it every time I visited. I remember there were cows on one side, horses on another, and I imagine there were some other farm animals or scenes on the remaining four sides.  So, I started my search on eBay, but ended up finding the one in the best condition for the best price on Etsy  (I LOVE Etsy, by the way).  It even has farm animals, although it is not the same one I had as a child. I couldn't resist - I bought it. I will probably tuck it away for Christmas.  I highly suggest the use of eBay, Craig's list, and Etsy for Christmas. You will save money, do something good for the environment, and find lots of unique gifts that you just can't find in stores.

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