Monday, September 12, 2011

Eco-friendly toy of the day: Green Toys Recycling Truck

As part of my simple living campaign, I have decided to pare down the toys in our home, getting rid of many of the battery-powered things, as well as just reducing the amount, in general.  There are several reasons I wanted to do this. One is simply to reduce clutter.  My kids don't play with all their toys because there is just too much to choose from.  Another reason is that I don't want them to think that they or anyone needs so many toys (because they don't!)  Also, I want them to play with toys that encourage them to use their imaginations and toys that encourage learning. Finally, I want to be more environmentally responsible.  So, I have been searching for more appropriate toys. I don't feel like we need any more right now, but as we get rid of more toys, and as Christmas approaches, I would like to have a few things picked out for them, and I would like to have some ideas for gifts for other children, as well.  Since I am beginning to find some really neat eco-friendly, imagination-friendly toys, I have decided to start a "green toy of the day" piece.  These are not toys that I own, so I can't review them, but I hope to purchase some of them in the future for my boys or as gifts, so I will be able to add some reviews later.  Please share any great toys you have found, especially if they are eco-friendly!

So, here is my first Green Toy of the Day!

Green Toys Recycling Truck 

What little boy doesn't like to play with a truck?  Even most little girls I've met enjoy playing with my kids' cars and trucks.  This cool truck is made of 100% recycled milk cartons! The fact that it is a recycling truck, as well, gives it extra points for being green, but they also have a dump truck and fire truck that are just as cute! They are nice and big, and I am thinking of getting one for my 17 month old for Christmas.  It sells on Amazon for about $20.

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