Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My favorite children's books: Old Turtle

I love children's books, and lately I have weeding out some books from our library and searching for new ones to add.  I generally select books based on  wonderful illustrations, relevant messages, and educational elements, but most importantly, books that are fun to read! So, I would love to share some of my old favorites, as well as new favorites that I discover.
First on the list: Old Turtle.  I came across this book at Barnes and Noble a couple years before I had my first child. I fell in love with it, but had no reason to buy it at the time, so I decided to just keep it mind for later.  Well, I should have known that my mind was not going to remember the title, because I promptly forgot it!  After Aiden was born, I spent a couple of years trying to find it, searching in vague terms with no luck.  Then, about a year ago, I came across this book on Amazon.  It looked right up my ally, so I ordered it.  When I received it, I realized it was the book I had been searching for!
Old Turtle is a beautiful fable about how seeing through one another's eyes, we can learn to live in peace and harmony.  The illustrations are lovely watercolors, and while it doesn't rhyme, you can tell it was written by a poet.  The descriptions are as rich and beautiful as the illustrations.  I really can't do the book justice. You just have to read it for yourself.  When I got this book, Aiden was a bit young to understand it.  However, he has surprised me - at 5 years old, this is one of his favorites, as well.

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  1. Shortly after writing this post, Aiden and I were looking at some pictures of aliens online. There was one picture that was all beautiful medium to dark shades of blue. He told me that the alien looked like it was in "the dark blue depths of the sea." I said, "What is that from?" He replied, "Old Turtle!"