Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Children' s book recommendation: The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales


This book is a great collection of folk tales from around the world. The tales all share a common theme of taking care of the earth and each other. The tales are beautifully told, with wonderfully descriptive language. At the end of each story are instructions for a related craft or project.  I enjoyed all of the stories, but there was one tale that really stood out for me:  She Who Lived Alone. The first time I read this, it was out loud to my son, and it was all I could do to keep from crying as I read. The second time, I was alone and bawled. The third was out loud, again, to my mom, and I still couldn't hold back the tears. It is a story about a child who has lost almost everything, yet sacrifices what she has left for the good of her people.  In a world filled with so much greed, selfishness, and materialism, this story is a prayer for the way things could be.  I recommend this book for ages 6 and up.

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